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and refocus asst careers change and kids head off to college. evisit the plan as retirement gets closer. wherever you are today, idelity's guidance can help fine tune your personal economy. fidelity investments. here. >> at union bank our work hard p managers to know your business. offering specialized solutions in capital to help you meet growth objectives. we offer expertise and tailored solutions for small businesses corporations. what can we do for you? watching gmt on "22 news." attack on u.s. soil since 9/11.
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today. our focus what should have been a moment of joy turned to a time of carnage. president obama says justice will be done. > make no mistake, we will get to the bottom of this and we and find out who did this we will find out why they did this. >> the devices exploded near line a favorite spot for spectators. manythan 140 were injured, in a criminal conditio-- critic condition. people started throwing down the barricade and running over each other. ran the other direction. >> the f.b.i. has taken control investigation. the big question, was it international or domestic terror? aaron is here with business and talking music. >> it is all about how do you get your music and the answer is streaming, the
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ioneer in this is going global in the online world trying to cash in on this music revolution. > it is midday in london and 7:00 in b boston. a city is dealing with the bomben onof the worst u.s. soil since 9/11. three were killed and 140 competitors d injured. president obama has said those responsible for the acts will weight of justice. let's go over to boston now and bbc's reporter. is a morning like no other for boston. find national guard in the center of their
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city and vast areas of it off.ned behind me there is a gigantic crime scene. that st few yards of marathon are being combed over by the police as they look for clues. it was a beautiful spring afternoon. the streets were packed with a with their supporters. blasts.e the terrifying it should have been a moment of for runners finishing the marathon. instead, there was confusion and then horror. two explosions trying to cause .aximum damage >> no way, no way.
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go back. death and destruction in frightening d spectators. rushed to help the wounded. oh, my god. oh, my god. >> i saw a trash can explode and people started throwing down the and running over each other and i ran in the other could.on as fast as i >> there was an explosion and air. white smoke in the it was horrible. traumatizing. >> i saw quite a few casualties coming back. guy with his legs gone t the knees, ankles and feet missing. shrapnel in the side of the
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head. your belongings and your runner leave the area immediately. was beautiful spring day eclipsed, central boston became a crime scene. the reverberations were felt far outside the city with officials and washington stepping up security at high profile locations. >> we still do not know who did this or why. shouldn't jump it conclusions before we have all the facts. but make no mistake, we will get to the bottom of this and we will find out who did this and why they did ut this. , anyesponsible individuals responsible groups will feel the full weight of justice. the question being asked in oston and across america, why did it happen, who was behind it. here are no clear answers but officials have described it as a
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otential terrorist investigation. federal agents are working with the boston police to find those responsible. is a vast law enforcement operation. >> there's no suspect in custody. e are questioning many but there is no one in custody at this point in time. > but the police search for forensic evidence, hospitals in boston are taking in the wounded. >> we are seeing a lot of hrapnel injuries, many of them involve predominantly lower extremities but they can affect body.tire >> instead of comparing race trading congratulations, the runners are n shock of this attack on the marathon they hold to dear. a traumatic day for those who witnessed the xplosions and also the aftermath. one was working here in boston what it was like to be knocked to the ground by
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the explosion. just traumatic and petrifying for me. personally i'm doing fine. was not injured severely. who were colleagues working at the finish line were not as seriously injured. injuries, cuts, becauses, stuff like that. apnd e people around me further in front of me were not so lucky. when thehem got debris explosion first happened. i did -- i was completely to the ground when the first initial explosion thinkingand i remember a quick second maybe a elebration or some sort of fireworks or something. but the force of it -- and i -- i could see the cone of the flame from the and shock wave of the first bomb threw me back concrete ond on the the sidewalk and i remember
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specifically to my left-hand than maybe 30less feet from the explosion itself. to e was an equipment tent my left and scaffolding lift it in front of it where my colleagues were maybe two eet in front of that taking pictures of the racers as they crossed the line. thankfully i was not injured severely like that. boston rs in the marathon have row counted what it was like -- recounted the the explosions hit. >> about four minutes after we crossed the finish line the bomb went off. if we ran our qualifying time we right at the n bomb. we were literally about 200 yards from the bomb when it went off. it was really eerie. >> we actually stopped for a just to kind of collect ourselves and then heard the bomb and looked behind us. there was a second within and we knew it was a bomb and everyone
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run. you need to so everybody started running. they werehe bomb hit, 10 and 15 deep. they were families, fans, end and itu near the was really loud. it was deafeningly loud. cheering like it was their job and unfortunately they that got injured so badly. >> my mother-in-law called and let us about mile 19 and know. she was in the bleachers when it went off. we were asking folks on the officials who had not had word. at 21 they stopped us and there of yellow jackets. > the implications are just sinking in. in new york where the scene of the 9/11 terrorist attacks where has long been stepped up, in that city the former new police chief said he was shocked when he heard had had
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happened. the challenge is one. nobody has claimed responsibility or if they have have not disclosed it at the moment. in america, there is no shortage have issues with government and have issues with of thin. as it an al qaeda sponsored event or home grown activists? idea.s stage they have no contact with my colleagues back in the states they don't have behind this.was >> raising the question there asking.erybody is law enforcement officials have noted that this is traditionally grown extremists in america to make some kind of protest against the government. 15 is the day for filing taxes often a flash point that who don't like the reach of the federal government and coming up on the anniversary of bombing in city massacre and bine
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esterday was patriot's day anniversary of the war against the british. but aware waiting for -- we are for more information from the police in about 2 1/2 horse when they hold their first conference. bostonians are asking why this appened to their city and marathon. runners i have been talking to are so shocked that something pinnacle of their athletic achieve. a glorious day when they elebrate but on that day somebody could have come up with such a cruel scheme as to rob limbs, to kill and to maim. a comprehensive coverage of the boston marathon bombing website. bbc news you can keep up to date with the developing story as well as analysis by test bbc news journalists on the
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ground. with n watch videos eyewitness accounts and reaction from the f.b.i., police and, of that statement from president barack obama. s america reacts to the boston bombings go to now, we are getting reports of a very strong earthquake in iran. u.s. geological survey said it recorded a magnitude eight tremor. it was felt this and india. is a report from new delhi saying people were returning out into the streets. that that is the tremor being felt starting in iran. in the studio is a persian from the bbc
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tv. this is just coming in as we went to air. what more can you tell sinus >> it is just within the past half hurry. iranian organizations are reporting it to be 7.5 on the richter schedu richter scale. u.s. says it is closer to 8 on the richter scale. persian em as you said in dell tv. this is just coming in as we went to air. what more can you tell sinus >> it is just within the past half hurry. iranian delhi. very close to the border in iran and area very rural. not very densely populated apparently. still don't have any reports of destruction or deaths. we made a couple of phone calls people e to a couple of from that small did town in the orner south of iran by the persian gulf. and we haven't heard of any usually s but things happen win the hours afterwards and we will find out more. it is the more remote the longer it will take it get the promably to get help -- presumably to get help.
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and the more destruction because of more mud houses and smaller ottages and buildings that are not earthquake safe. that area is on a fault. we had the earthquake about a eek ago which was 6.3 reported by the u.s. organizations and scale the richter reported by the iranian organizations. but still it is large and we had deaths reported there and increasing. >> and they have a longer in iran f earthquakes devastating ones. >> yes, we have had almost 20 with about had one 50,000 deaths. we have had another one about 10 30,000 go with about deaths. a history of earthquakes. the problem is we usually have them in the northern areas by the caspian sea. be close to the persian gulf the southern area
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of the country, which we knew for years.ult that is where oil comes from as well. a very oil producing area negative see the points from the fault. >> you talked about this being a underpopulated but vulnerable nonetheless. i suppose one thing you can say that a country like iran because of the history you have has at least the xpertise to get the help out there? >> you would think. but we have heard complaints when it happened in arizonaer about a year ago people are still complaining bout lack of proper and speedy service. it is nothing like anything close it the united states or japan in terms of service. in japan they didn't manage t help people as quickly as they should have. >> when you look at a map, you talked about it being the corner.t just give us a next because we can't see it on the map on air.
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sort of distances are we talking about? >> iran is like a crouching cat. the northern part by the caspian sea and southern part there is the gulf between and sea of oman in between. on the south there is the u.a.e. emirates and arab laike bahrain and on the southern side. on the other corner we have ndia and afghanistan neighboring iran. this exactly with be on the tail cat, really the bottom eastern, southern eastern corner. we will have you on standby calls will perhaps come through and you can give us more information. thanks very much. keep you up to date as soon as we get any more information. n now, let's go to some other
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news around the world. china has accused the u.s.a. of the asia nsions in pacific region. in a clear reference to ministry the defense said the actions of some countries to strengthen military good.ts were not that comes after a visit to asia by the american secretary of state john kerry. the heads of the favor u.n. agencies have said enough is crisis in syria. they made a direct appeal to world governments urging them it use influence to find a political solution to save the country. they warn that without more money and better security they may have to suspend some support.rian the results of random tests in the european union for the horse meat in processed beef products are being delayed. are .u. says the figures being double-checked for
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believe.before made tests were agreed after horse found in a batch of frozen lasagna passed off as beef. the football stadium due to host he opening match of the confederations cup in brazil won't be ready by sunday as planned. authorities say the venue in the capital won't be completed until mid may less than a month before off.tournament kicks he conversation is seen as a arm-up for the brazil hosting of the world cup next year. >> let's catch up with the business news with aaron. >> hey, george. streaming is what our topic is. do you stream? >> i do. i tried. >> you tried. let my wife do it but it is very popular and good for the music industry. get hold of ers their music? for many people it is all about streaming technology that let's
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listen to as much music as you want every month for the price of an album. if you are a fan, you should know the swedish firm is expanding globally as others twitter, apple and amazon look to cash in on the booming ution on this market. it is the fastest growing source revenue so the global recorded music industry in 2012 according to the international federation of the phonographic cup in industry. pop divas will be happy. they pay $1.2 billion in royalty and license fees to artists up from $700 million in 2011. only two years ago. of ough it is a small slice the total industry in terms of is rising popularly
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and takes thousands of hits. some will say it takes thousands of hits for artists to make any money. not xpert told me it is really that different from how radio used to work. >> a song is streamed to one person. so you have to have the millions of streams to make up the equivalent of one play on radio with a very large audience. so it does work out in the end, i can promise you. the main challenge is these services are growing and they all mainstream yet. when they become mainstream i think that is a valid not and viable old ways of or getting music. eurozone gloom, china slowdown and gold prices doing this, plummeting. out thereny good news at all? e will find out from the world's top economists in washington later today. the i.m.f. is going to give us its latest assessment of the global economy the world economic outlook. top of the agenda for this lady
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i.m.f. big boss is how to stimulate growth in flagging economies and revive struggling businesses. > the monetary policy which is competitive on the part of the e.c.b. is in a way spinning its wheels meaning that low interest rates that are decided at the european central bank level are not affordable, are not conveyed credit for theto people, the enterprises that need it. the plumbing is clogged if you will. that is the boss of the i.m.f. i will be back about the price of gold going down. > thank competitive on theyou, aaron. we will bring you more now on that earthquakeyou, aaron. we will bring you more now it just broke in the last half. corner of southeast iran. as new were felt as far delhi. people were reportedly running
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in the streets. katy watson is on the line from abu dhabi. what can you tell us? ago i t 20 minutes arrived in an office tower about 75 stories and then it was suddenly evacuated and everybody was taken out and everybody was evacuated from the building. in an area where towers are up and people there told they felt the building sway and last week there was also a quake that was felt here it was more intense. the people said they felt it was of a sudden shock today. so, everybody is still waiting outside the building to go back in. evacuated all the buildings. only imagine if you have that kind of evacuation, presumably are very
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scared, feeling maybe it was a close thing even for them. >> indeed. this part of the world they felt the shocks is full of skyscrapers and ambitious towers going up. e was talking to one of the developers on the ground presum being lding that i was evacuated from and he was it is on aut because fault line they do have a huge investment going into that to make the buildings safe been aftershocks. it is a fault line so it is not the mon in this part of world. so far last week there were no casualties. and it seems like it is safe but people are precautions. > i'm still looking at wire copy and trying to make sense. do you have access to either
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witter feeds or anything from the region that might give us ore detail on what is happening? >> just look interesting twitter was verybody in the u.a.e. tweeting saying what is going on it is more intense tan last week. just raoufrpl and twitter charter if you like. to be confirmed about safety. here are onhorities the ball and evacuated all the on the island that i'm on. it is not something that is region and the effect of the iranian earthquake to the >> that was katy watson of the business report talking to us there.
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annual boston marathon had a field of about 23,000 runners by hundreds of thousands of spectators. t is one of america's premier sporting events and attracts top athletes around the world. races were won by an and with other athletes around the world they have been giving their reaction to the events unfolded yesterday. let's speak to richard conway for ore on what this means the world of sport. i asse that the athletes around the world are reaction to this. >> they have. we have heard from people like bolt the 100 meter record the ball la radcliffe ho has the record for the marathon. athletes from all sports asking
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questions about this boston explosions and sending their wishes to those who have been caught up in this and those sport t their lives so coming together to look at the boston marathon and athletes toward the london marathon. we are in the period of the big six. boston yesterday and london this weekend. there's been a security review organizers are insisting that london will go ahead. sorry to cut you off but we will have to leave it there. the next half hour we have more on the boston attacks including a look at here the investigation is heading. do stay with us on bbc world news. made possible by frequent freeman. newman's own foundation giving
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all profits to charity. union bank. and fidelity investments. >> your personal economy is made matter e things that most including your career. fidelity hings change can help you readjust your retirement plan. you are invested and refocus as your career manufactures forward. a rever you are today, fidelity i.r.a. has a wide range can vestment choices that fit your perform economy. fidelity investments. turn here. >> bbc world news was presented
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bombs have ripped through the crowd at the boston marathon. at least three people were killed in what's being described as an act of terror. and migrant workers in china are carrying another burden on top of long working hours and difficult conditions. many have to leave their children back home.

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